Xi: Continuum FAQs

Do I have to play Xi: Continuum live? What if I miss the start?

Unlike the original Xi, you can play Xi: Continuum at any time; either live or at your own pace. The websites and in-game content unlock with your personal progress - so you can start playing at any time. People who start on the first day will find that the in game 'days' are unlocked every 24 hours, so you will be able to play 'live' with all the other players who start playing straight away. But you don't need to play live, and can enjoy Xi: Continuum at any time, at your own pace.

How much will it cost to play?

The original Xi was free, as Sony funded the game to help introduce people to PlayStation Home. Xi: Continuum is a commercial game, and we need to make our money back in order to keep building Xi and expanding the game in the future! After an introduction to the world, players will need to pay around £5.49 ($8.99/€6.99) for an agent pack.
This pack will give players:

Players won't need to spend any more money to play through Xi: Continuum, although there will be additional merchandise available if you want it.

What platforms is it on?

Xi: Continuum is exclusive to PlayStation®Home, which is a free virtual world available to anyone who owns a PlayStation 3. If you don't own a PlayStation 3 but like these kind of games, sign up to our newsletter so we can let you know about our forthcoming tablet and browser games!

Want to keep up to date with Xi?

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Will we have to wait another 3 years for the next Xi after this?

No - we are already working on the next chapter which will launch soon after Xi: Continuum ends. We'd love to continue to build Xi, and welcome your feedback!

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